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  • Gråkallen


    Yesterday, it was a cold and sunny day in Trondheim, so I and a friend of mine went up to Gråkallen, a small mountain outside the centrum of Trondheim. Here are some photos from the trip.

  • Svalbard 2015

    Svalbard 2015

    I was attending a conference in Longyearbyen on Svalbard in April this year. One afternoon was spent on a snow mobile exploring some of the fantastic nature up there. Here are some photos from the trip.

  • Sylan


    I and a friend of mine spent a weekend skiing from Storlien in Sweden to Tydalen in Norway. This weekend it was so cold (around -30 deg Celsius in the night) that the shutter in my camera was not working properly. Therefore, the only usable photos taken from that trip are presented below. The lights that […]

  • Limited lights

    Limited lights

    Some photos where I have experimented with lights shining through trees.

  • The Factory

    The Factory

    This shot from my hometown was taken during Christmas some years ago.

  • 300 Ny-Ålesund

    300 Ny-Ålesund

    A 300 degrees panorama photo from Ny-Ålesund sticked together using nine single images. The photos are captured a few kilometers outside of the settlement. [photonav url=’http://espenraknes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/img_00012.jpg’ width=930 animate=1 container_height=600 mode=drag] Put the mouse pointer over the photo and use the left mouse button to move around in the photo.

  • Aurora Borealis #1

    Aurora Borealis #1

    Nothern lights is maybe the phenomenon that fascinates me the most in nature. It’s always a magnificent and special feeling when looking at the waves crossing over the heaven.

  • Breakthrough


    From a trip in Bymarka in Trondheim a cold winter day.

  • Boy in Snow

    Boy in Snow

    Playing in the snow a couple of days before Christmas Eve.