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  • Sylan


    I and a friend of mine spent a weekend skiing from Storlien in Sweden to Tydalen in Norway. This weekend it was so cold (around -30 deg Celsius in the night) that the shutter in my camera was not working properly. Therefore, the only usable photos taken from that trip are presented below. The lights that […]

  • Trolltinden


    Trolltinden (1347 m.a.s.) is a nice mountain top from where you have an amazing view, and nice skiing conditions on the way down. Here are some shots from a weekend trip to the top.

  • Earn Your Turns

    Earn Your Turns

    Two shots from a ski centre close to Trondheim, Norway.

  • a smal grab

    a smal grab

    From the skicentre in Oppdal

  • Birgitte


    A shot from a skitrip to Oppdal with varying crispy conditions.

  • Åre 2008

    Åre 2008

    Some shots from a trip to Åre in 2008.