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  • Two Brothers

    Two Brothers

    Twelve days old was this little charmer when I captured these photos. I feel very lucky for being asked to spend some time with him and his brother to shoot some “newborn” photos. (Click on the photos for larger versions)

  • Little charmer

    Little charmer

    I was lucky to be asked to take some photos of this little charmer some weeks ago. Below are seven photos from the one hour session we had. (Click on the photos for larger versions)

  • Silje & Jøran

    Silje & Jøran

    I was asked to take some photos of Silje and Jøran before the birth of their first child. Below are some of the photos from that day. (Click on the photos for slideshow and larger versions)

  • Little boy

    Little boy

    I took some portrait photos of this fellow some days ago. (Click on the photos for a larger version)

  • Sissel


    Two photos of Sissel from the cliffs in Grand Canyon.

  • Elisabeth #2

    Elisabeth #2

    A shot of my wife when we were in Germany.

  • Boy in Snow

    Boy in Snow

    Playing in the snow a couple of days before Christmas Eve.

  • Egil #1

    Egil #1

    Two portrait photos of Egil.

  • Elisabeth #1

    Elisabeth #1

    Two portrait photos of my wife (when she still was my girlfriend). She is sitting in a frame in a cabin close to Trondheim.