Tag: Nordland

  • Mari og Martin

    Mari og Martin

    In August Mari and Martin got married. I was so lucky to be asked to take photos of them this special day. Below are some photos taken this day. (Click on the photos for larger versions).

  • Børgefjell


    Børgefjell national park is located in the middle of Norway, close to the border to Sweden. The park is famous for its wild life and good fishing places. Here is a collection from different trips I have had in this beautiful area.

  • Svartvatnet


    Svartvatnet is a small lake in a mountain area one hour driving from Mosjøen in Norway. Here are two shots from a trip some years ago.

  • The Factory

    The Factory

    This shot from my hometown was taken during Christmas some years ago.

  • Aurora Borealis #1

    Aurora Borealis #1

    Nothern lights is maybe the phenomenon that fascinates me the most in nature. It’s always a magnificent and special feeling when looking at the waves crossing over the heaven.