Tag: nature

  • Grip


    One day in the summer vacation we visited Grip. Grip is a small island outside Kristiansund in Norway. Here are some of the photos that I took during the visit.

  • Rondane


    We were attending a wedding in Rondane some weeks ago. On the last day before we went back to Trondheim, we spent some hours walking towards Rondvassbu in Rondane. Here are some photos from that short trip. (Click on the photos for larger versions)

  • Børgefjell


    Børgefjell national park is located in the middle of Norway, close to the border to Sweden. The park is famous for its wild life and good fishing places. Here is a collection from different trips I have had in this beautiful area.

  • Waterfall #1

    Waterfall #1

    Two shots from a waterfall close to my hometown, up north in Norway.

  • V


    Every spring and autumn the geese are migrating from south and north, and vice versa. It is a fascinating phenomenon.

  • Fallow Deer

    Fallow Deer

    A close up of this fascinating animal.