Tag: Mosjøen

  • Marte and August

    Marte and August

    On Saturday July 30 2016 Marte and August got married. I followed the bride from the morning, in the church, and took the wedding photos after the ceremony. (Click on the photos for larger versions)

  • The Factory

    The Factory

    This shot from my hometown was taken during Christmas some years ago.

  • Waterfall #1

    Waterfall #1

    Two shots from a waterfall close to my hometown, up north in Norway.

  • Aurora Borealis #1

    Aurora Borealis #1

    Nothern lights is maybe the phenomenon that fascinates me the most in nature. It’s always a magnificent and special feeling when looking at the waves crossing over the heaven.

  • Wannabe Floyd

    Wannabe Floyd

    I was asked to film in a multi-camera production of a concert held by a tribute band to Pink Floyd. During the work I took the oppurtunity and captured some simple photos.

  • The Housefire

    The Housefire

    A couple of days before the Christmas Eve, the neighbouring house to my childhood home burned down. Luckily no one was injured.

  • Dolstad Church

    Dolstad Church

    Photo of the church in the middle of Mosjøen; my hometown in northern part of Norway.  

  • A Mysterious View

    A Mysterious View

    Captured at Korgfjellet north of my hometown in Norway

  • Fusta


    A long-exposure shot from the Fusta river close to Mosjøen in Norway