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  • Two Brothers

    Two Brothers

    Twelve days old was this little charmer when I captured these photos. I feel very lucky for being asked to spend some time with him and his brother to shoot some “newborn” photos. (Click on the photos for larger versions)

  • Molde


    The city by night in March. The photo is taken from Nysætra, close to Åfarnes.

  • Above the Clouds

    Above the Clouds

    A nice summer day I and my wife tried to reach the top of Ræstadhornet, which is a mountain by Molde, Norway. Suddenly the fog came and incapsulated us, so there was nothing more to do than eat the lunch and return to the car.

  • On The Way Down

    On The Way Down

    The sunset a midsummer night. The island Gossen is visible in the background.