Category: Landscape

  • Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon is an huge canyon in Arizona, USA. It is formed by the Colorado River, which is the most important river in this area. The photos are taken on the edge of the canyon.

  • Goppingen


    I was in Germany back in 2010, and here are some shots taken from the areas around Göppingen.

  • Svartvatnet


    Svartvatnet is a small lake in a mountain area one hour driving from Mosjøen in Norway. Here are two shots from a trip some years ago.

  • Trolltinden


    Trolltinden (1347 m.a.s.) is a nice mountain top from where you have an amazing view, and nice skiing conditions on the way down. Here are some shots from a weekend trip to the top.

  • Formations


    A collection of photos of the sea ice around Svalbard.

  • 300 Ny-Ålesund

    300 Ny-Ålesund

    A 300 degrees panorama photo from Ny-Ålesund sticked together using nine single images. The photos are captured a few kilometers outside of the settlement. [photonav url=’’ width=930 animate=1 container_height=600 mode=drag] Put the mouse pointer over the photo and use the left mouse button to move around in the photo.

  • Sørøya


    Sørøya is the fourth largest island (by area) in Norway, and lies outside the coast of Finnmark. The island is famous for its rich wild life, including large amounts of ptarmigans and mountain hares. The climate so far north is extreme which results in great nature events to explore.

  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam

    The Hoover Dam is one of the famous attractions in the states. I was at a conference in Las Vegas with work, and the day after the conference we took one day off and rent a car. The shots presented here are taken around 0600 in the morning. Read about the dam here.

  • Molde


    The city by night in March. The photo is taken from Nysætra, close to Åfarnes.