Category: B&W

  • Milano


    Some black and white photos from Milano, which I captured when I was there at a conference. Surprisingly, the Milano fashion week was arranged while I was there. Most of the photos is from a walk through the streets an evening when it was a happening.

  • V


    Every spring and autumn the geese are migrating from south and north, and vice versa. It is a fascinating phenomenon.

  • Kira


    A closeup of a nice dog…

  • Wannabe Floyd

    Wannabe Floyd

    I was asked to film in a multi-camera production of a concert held by a tribute band to Pink Floyd. During the work I took the oppurtunity and captured some simple photos.

  • Karl Johan

    Karl Johan

    From the main street in the capital of Norway.

  • Kampen


    From the Kampen area in Oslo, Norway.

  • Elisabeth #1

    Elisabeth #1

    Two portrait photos of my wife (when she still was my girlfriend). She is sitting in a frame in a cabin close to Trondheim.

  • Out of the Fog

    Out of the Fog

    I was guiding some people in the areas close to my hometown, when the fog appeared. When we stopped the car, this guy was suddenly approaching us…

  • Two and a half

    Two and a half

    A shot from the marina in Trondheim, Norway.