Author: espen

  • Børgefjell


    Børgefjell national park is located in the middle of Norway, close to the border to Sweden. The park is famous for its wild life and good fishing places. Here is a collection from different trips I have had in this beautiful area.

  • Lofoten


    Some years ago, I and two friends had a road trip up to Finnmark. On the way up we spent some days in Lofoten, an extra ordinary place in Norway. These photos were taken a rainy day at Mulstøa.

  • Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon is an huge canyon in Arizona, USA. It is formed by the Colorado River, which is the most important river in this area. The photos are taken on the edge of the canyon.

  • Trollheimen 2010

    Trollheimen 2010

    Trollheimen is a large mountain area south west of Trondheim. I have visited this area many times. These photos were taken in 2010, when we had a three and a half day trip waking from Kårvatn to Rindal. This is a trip that a recommend!

  • Goppingen


    I was in Germany back in 2010, and here are some shots taken from the areas around Göppingen.

  • The first flower

    The first flower

    It is spring and time for publishing two shots of the coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) from the archive.

  • Svartvatnet


    Svartvatnet is a small lake in a mountain area one hour driving from Mosjøen in Norway. Here are two shots from a trip some years ago.

  • Trolltinden


    Trolltinden (1347 m.a.s.) is a nice mountain top from where you have an amazing view, and nice skiing conditions on the way down. Here are some shots from a weekend trip to the top.

  • Limited lights

    Limited lights

    Some photos where I have experimented with lights shining through trees.